Mindfulness and the Edge

Mindfulness is an ever increasing awareness of our inside, our outside, the people and things around us, the planet and beyond. Living at the edge demands that we apply this consciousness to be effective in what we do.

Mindful is a one day event that ran on May 21, 2011, organised by @rosshill and @janstewart.

You can join us now by listening to this audio...

... reading Jan's #deepdive post while listening to Feathers by Heinali, following @thisismindful and @thisismindful/participants, and joining in the #Mindful stream...

Mindfulness at the edge

At the edge of Leadership, with Mindful speaker Pete Williams.

At the edge of Mentorship, with Mindful speaker Bryony Cole.

At the edge of Consciousness, with Mindful speaker Ron Laurie from sponsor Integral Development.

At the edge of Beginning Things, with Mindful speaker Xavier Shay.

At the edge of the Journey, with Mindful speaker Samantha Bell.

At the edge of Music, with Mindful musicians Mykel Dixon and Jeremy Kirk.

The day of #mindful tweets

@janstewart: awesome #mindful morning @ St Kilda beach http://instagr.am/p/EfU0l/

@rosshill: #mindful beach http://instagr.am/p/EfVF1/

@bmatt: Very curious as to what the day will bring. Breakfast time and then #mindful

@pat: Breakfast at Postal Hall, then onwards to @thisismindful. No, I've no idea what it's about either. But we shall see. #mindful

@stevehopkins: People beginning to wander in for #mindful. Exciting times :)

@tdavidson: #deepdive #mindful

@jwswj: #deepdive #mindful

@primarycolour: Anticipation. #Mindful

@sambe11: @rosshill @janstewart start the @thisismindful day #mindful http://instagr.am/p/Efj98/

@jwswj: Great experience from my first #deepdive. The work I was doing now seems a little redundant. Enjoy #mindful everyone!

@mykeldixon: Dynamic duo at #mindful http://instagr.am/p/Efng6/

@davidahood: After 12 years of meditation practice, @janstewart started tweeting #deepdive prior to meditation: twitter facilitating #mindful connection.

@ChristophHewett: "Living with social media is like a tree. The public branches must equal the private roots." @rosshill at #mindful

@davidahood: Exploring the landscape of the inner self. - Sure you've conquered the external world, but what have you explored on the inside? #mindful

@stevehopkins: I feel so privileged to have shared in @RonLaurie's discussions just at #mindful. Thank you, Ron.

@tresnalee: So happy I'm in Melbourne and not France this week. #mindful #explodingheart http://t.co/mWpJvLR

@sambe11:@rosshill introduces @rexster #mindful @ Hub Melbourne http://instagr.am/p/Ef0uH/

@alisonmichalk: Brain is feasting at #mindful Looking fwd to hearing @rexster speak about biz leadership, the edge & mindfulness. Great day thus far :)

@suzieis: "We're like a human iphone" Quote @rexster at #mindful

@lagging_behind: #mindful Different is'nt wrong. Different is different. :)

@ronlaurie: If you want to change the world, first start a blog #mindful Pete Williams

@davidahood: You need to understand self before others. Make your prevailing state meditative. Be aware and really see. This is #Mindful @rexster

@mingzhuhii: Wish I was at #mindful Melbourne right now. The tweet stream has me banging my head against desk, saying "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

@davidahood: #mindful @rexster's theory to change the world - Buddhism meets #complexity theory: make people state critical & trigger phase transition.

@ronlaurie: Mindfulness is the next critical state for the evolution of collective consciousness #mindful

@mfubib: My mind will never be the same again #mindful

@alisonmichalk: You might get hired fr technical skill but yr style & networking, willingness to give crack will affect success #mindful #leadership

@ChristophHewett: "A problem shared is a problem halved. A problem shared on Twitter is a problem solved." @rexster at #mindful

@suzieis: Hearing about a freelance life of natural adventure from @sambe11 #mindful

@nathan_scott: At #mindful @rexster says he sees a difficult situation and just puts himself in the middle. Choose the difficult path, just for fun.

@thisismindful: In the basement with @bryonycole #mindful Mentorship!! http://t.co/qbSMyzS

@rexster: +1 RT @bmatt: Really enjoying #mindful or how to get a whole bunch of super smart people talking around consciousness and mindfulness

@rosshill: "I think a lot of us attract chaos, with varying levels of awareness" @SecretsHQ #mindful

@rosshill: "Do I need to have a sense of home wherever I go? No. I need to feel a sense of community." @pat #mindful http://t.co/fFmXwMK

@stevehopkins: Be aware of how you may shrink your awareness when moving into a new role/company. See, don't look. #mindful

@rexster: #mindful thanks to @rosshill @janstewart, to the speaker that shared their stories and to all for opening their hearts and minds

@mo22: Just left #mindful. feel slightly less connected...is @mykeldixon still playing?

@lex_garey: Can't believe I made it to #mindful. Thanks to everyone that helped get me here!

@mfubib: My mind will never be the same again #mindful <- nor mine :) Thank you everyone! Thx @janstewart & @rosshill

@Lehiatus: #mindful still resonating. Truly profound moments, and brilliant people. I'm humming on the inside-happiness & gratitude.

@bmatt: A little bit of time to process the amazing stimuli from today before collapsing of exhaustion. #mindful thanks all for your conversations.

@stevehopkins: For the record, #mindful was epic. Thanks @rosshill @janstewart

@ronlaurie: Today I am going shopping for socks :-) It is important to ground oneself after being @thisismindful, #mindful

@ingevanderpoel: The more we connect externally, the more we need to connect internally ... #mindful

@irldexter: The Internet is made of Light, or is it? The nature and responsibility of Being.[slides] http://s.nodecity.com/lux #mindful

@jinuit: so much energy @thisismindful yesterday all i could do was appreciate. now integrating in slow mode #grounding #mindful

@edwardharran: Your subjective reality is real, even if no one but u can experience it and/or understand it. Thx @RonLaurie 4 nailing that 1 down #mindful

@wmaterka http://t.co/SrvBu1e

@bmatt: I had the chance to listen to @xshay during #mindful explain how he got into it ... I will use his approach as a start :)

@rosshill: Mindful: Now http://t.co/JZ6OB5W via @thisismindful

@bryonycole: My talk on mentors http://slidesha.re/lRUucW from #mindful. Post to follow :-)

@RonLaurie: Heard this in conversation with HR person today "we have endless choice of folks with degrees, what we need is more people who are #mindful

Come to Melbourne

People from across the planet joined the #cometomelbourne movement. We recommend you fly here with Virgin Australia, stay at the Alto Hotel and ride the 96 tram that will take you to the beach. Then take a Geisha 2.0 tour with Tresna to find your way around Melbourne's laneways.

You can see what else is happening in the city during your stay at That's Melbourne.

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Two key pieces in Mindful have been Becoming Namaste and Jonathan Lexington Sailing Coach.

Our sponsor: Integral Development

Integral Development seeks to help its staff, customers and stakeholders to experience harmony and connectedness to their organisation, their family, the world they are part of, the natural environment and most importantly, to themselves. While ID does not define itself as a spiritual organisation, it believes that its role is to help bring spirit in the widest sense into the workplace. Learn more through @integral_org_au and by chatting to Ron Laurie.

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